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Waiters serving at the WRC rallies


Waiters of Teie Kelner had an extraordinary opportunity this year to be a part of the VIP area catering team of Suzuki World Rally Team. Allan, Urmas and Raul went to Jyväskylä rally in August, Urmas and Priit went to Corsica and Catalonia rally in October and Allan went to Wales rally in December. Every rally brought with itself ten serious working days, but there was still time to look around. Some comments from Raul and Priit:

Raul: "As we cooperated with an Italian catering company then it was most interesting to see how they worked. Estonian chefs, who were also there, made the long working days positive with their relaxed attitude and the pleasure their work gave them. It was overall a unique experience to work in that rally confusion."

Priit: "It was definitely a positive experience, because the working environment was completely different. We had to wait on about 40 people at the VIP section three times a day, work started at 6 a.m. I also had a bit of time to see what was happening in the rally zone and enjoy what was going on around me during breaks. It was a great experience and I would definitely go there again!"

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