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Still focusing on service quality

Last year we started with our in-house quality program which will continue this season also. We consider it important that our waiters offer the best service possible and thereby would stand out. "A waiter can't be like a robot, whose everyday work is like a routine operation. At his/her personality and actions there must be that something special, that makes guests feel positive and notice their waiter", says our ambassador of quality, Tiiu Parm.

We have set up a classroom, which ables us to carry out neccessary training sessions. We give basic knowledge to new waiters and refresh the knowledge of already working waiters. With that we have inspired our waiters to learn more about their profession - Teie Kelner waiters make quite a large part of Kehtna Economy and Technology School's waiter study group which starts at the end of February. Their studies finish with Waiter I Vocational Qualification Exam in the beginning of summer.

Also the appearance of our waiters is very important to us - solid uniforms and proper looks are as our business card. Details make top unity and we are going after that. 

Summer season is soon to come. Meanwhile we use this quieter time to sustain and develope our service quality - the goal is to continue improving on and on.

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