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EuroSkills 2010 in Lisbon


EuroSkills - European vocational competitions for the young - were this year held in the beginning of December in Lisbon, Portugal and 50 different trades were represented. Estonia took part of the competition with 20 competitors, including a cook and a waiter.

At the young waiters competition 17 European countries participated and the three long days were filled with competition tasks. On the first day the competitors were put to the test in performing pineapple flambe, blindtesting wine grape varieties and serving finger food by gueridon-service. The keywords for the second day were coctails and silver service - the competitors had to prepare different coctails and serve a 4-course dinner, every course with a different service style. At the last day napkins were folded, spirits blindtested and a whole duck was carved and served. Throughout the competition, the table setting and technical skills of competitors were evaluated and also the intercourse skills.

As there were competitors from all over Europe, some cultural differences appeared within the competition - southern countries were relaxed and friendly and did tasks with an "open hand". Northern countries were stronger in details and technical skills, but a little bit reserved in communication. Of course, every competitor had his/her own speciality.

Overall, the first three places belonged to young ladies from Austria, Norway and Finland, followed by Spain, Slovenia and Latvia. Estonian waiter Juri Pütsepp took the 11th place.

Estonian waiter expert at EuroSkills was Allan Vainu, who trained Estonian competitor prior the competition and in Lisbon he had a wonderful opportunity to be a judge. Enthusiastic waiters Tiiu, Kairi and Merlyn also were also at EuroSkills gazing. They all have also successfully competed at waiters competitions - Tiiu is Young Waiter 2008 I place and Waiter of the Year 2009 II place, Kairi is Young Waiter 2010 I place and Merlyn Young Waiter 2010 II place.

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