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Summer holidays at Setomaa


This year we decided to spend our summer holidays at the other end of Estonia, that because to relax from citylife and spend a few days in a totally different atmosphere. Setomaa Tourist Farmstead was the perfect destination with its nature and surroundings.

Sunday was the day of arrival to Setomaa. In the evening we had a refreshing seto meal, which gave us a chance to try archaic and modernised seto food and drinks and just relax. Next morning we set out to get acquainted with the surroundings. We visited Suur Munamägi (The Great Egg Hill) and Piusa Caves, which for most of us was the first time to be there. Day past by amusingly. When we got back to the farmstead, preparations for dinner started and everybody got a chance to go to smoke sauna. Dancing and relaxing was also part of our evening.

It was great just to be at Setomaa and enjoy good company.

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