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Our waiters at the Nõmme Food Academy

This year's autumn and winter season has brought us a memorable co-partner - Food Academy at Nõmme, where our waiters go to assist at different food tuitions. Thanks to waiters, wine glasses are always full, dishes served and plates changed between the courses. All this as if it would happen by itself.

Food Academy and the people who work there, are real professionals, who are totally dedicated to what they are doing - food tuitions to private and business customers and also children. Rooms, equipment, inctructors and the initiators are at their best level and support the wonderful idea that the Food Academy represents.

Food Academy is an exciting and educating place of work for all our waiters who go there, because all that they see, hear and experience at these diverse food tuitions, will definitely come in hand in the everday worklife of a waiter.



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