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First waiter exams of year 2013

At the end of January-beginning of February, all over Estonia waiter vocational qualification exams were held – first exams which comply with the new updated professional standard. Among the ones to successfully pass the exam and receive level 4 Waiter Qualification, were our waiters Peeter and Keijo, who also graduated from Kehtna Economy and Technology School waiter training program with that.


Emotions after half a year of learning are positive. In addition to their experience of work so far, boys learned many new things and of course broadened their professional horizons. Peeter says that the most he will be remembering easy-going training methods and exciting topics: „ For example we visited different restaurants to study their work and performed flambé and sabrage.“ For Keijo the whole training period was a valuable and developing experience. He learned a lot about himself also and would recommend this kind of extra training for everyone who would like to do waiter’s job even better.


Exam itself was challenging for Peeter and Keijo, beacuse working under intense looks of the examiners is totally different from everyday work. But altogether, both the written and the practical exam tests were none of difficulty for them.


We are glad that the number of certified waiters in our team has once more increased. In addition, our ambassor of service quality, Tiiu Parm, participated at the work of examination committees in Tallinn and Pärnu.

Participating at the international waiters’ competition Coupe Georges Baptiste in Tokyo – by Tiiu Parm


International CGB service competiton for students and professionals took place at the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo, Japan on the 8th of November. European cup has been held already 22 times, the international one was organized for the 5th time. This competition was brought to life in France by the organisation called Association Coupe Georges Baptiste. The aim is to promote professional restaurant service skills, aswell to give students and professional waiters to compete, challenge themselves and share experiences.


As Japan is a far away land for most of the participants, it was decided to have a 5-day program instead of the usual 2 days. On the first day press conference and welcome party was held, the second day was for competition briefing and a little tour in Tokyo. Third day was competition day and on the fourth day all competitiors and the CGB French team in cooperation with japanese waiters served the traditional gala dinner. The last day was full of interesting sightseeing in Tokyo and a farewell party in the evening.


The competition tasks very very technical and many of them were restaurant service techniques that waiters perform at the side table, near the guests table at the dining hall. There were 9 different tasks – preparation of shrimp cocktail and salmon tartar, carving a lamb rack, carving and flambeing a pinapple in spiral, table setting, taking order from guests, preparation of Irish coffee and cocktails, blind test and describing of wines and liqours. It was very important during the competition to perform everything according to the technical sheets and time limits, communication language was either English or French.

Altogether there was participants from 14 different countries – 13 competitors in the students category and 11 in the professionals. Prizes were given both in European and International class. The best student medal winners came from Denmark, Spain, Canada and Luxembourg, best professionals from Denmark, Japan, France and Luxembourg.


The day after competition was the traditional gala dinner, which this year was extraordinary because of the fact that all competitors and the CGB French team were part of the gala dinner service team together with the local waiters. Before the event, all waiters learned details about the menu which was made by French Michelin star chefs. Also service styles and correct movement around the service area was practised by all teams. And after the prize giving ceremony which took place just few hours before the gala dinner, fabulous service work started and lasted until late hours. All teams did their best and the 11 foreign ambassadors at the gala dinner main table got served at the highest level by competitors from their own countries. Estonian Ambassador in Japan, mr. Toivo Tasa, was also one of the guests.


Estonians have participated at the Coupe George Baptiste before also, but only at the students category. This year I achieved the 9th place at the professional category and I am very pleased with the result – I am glad that I had the opportunity to compete and represent Estonian service in the world. Tokyo, the japanese and all participants left an undying feeling and experience for the rest of my life.

Summer holidays 2012

Suvepäevad 2012
Summer 2012 was very busy in cooperation with many catering companies. The team of Teie Kelner got bigger, as well new waiters got trained continuously. In the end of August we organized a fun event for our waiters in a place of great natural beauty. A team competition game related to our speciality called Waiter Olympics took place, where they checked our knowledge and hand skills. In addition our imagination was brought to test. Urmas and Priit took care of the food, they prepared us a delicious dinner. In the end of the day we gave recognition to our best waiters – after having a vote among all of the participants, the results were following: the most shining waitress title went to Liis; Urmas and Peeter got the best colleague title and Priit was the most professional waiter. During the whole intense day we had a lot of fun and afterwards all of the participants were satisfied with our summer holidays. We hope to keep up the same activeness during our autumn season.

Waiter vocational training successfully passed

Liis Udal kelneri eksamil

Service quality in Teie Kelner is continuously developing as many waitresses have just gotten Waiter I certificate. Hedy passed the exam in February, Anniki, Reena, Birgit, Liis and Kristina in June 2012.

If Liis and Kristina studied catering services in Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management for 2 years, then Hedy, Anniki, Reena and Birgit participated in a waiter vocational training in Kehtna Economy and Technology School lasting for half a year.

Waitresses say, that the preparation course was very useful and interesting. The course was being held each month in Kehtna up to 2 times with a period of 3 days in a row. They repeated old knowledge as well learned new skills. At the end of both vocational training each participant had to write a thorough study, which demanded its composer to have a lot of knowledge and was about different topics: food, drinks, customer service etc.

The training together with the exam gave the girls a great experience and added a lot of self confidence to their everyday job. „Being a good waitress,“ Kristina says, „is all about knowing the basic facts.“ Having passed the exam, waitresses now know better how to help and guide their coworkers. Having finished the school, they have also become more alert to the details at any kind.

The course left a positive impression to all of the participants, therefore they recommend others who are interested in catering and waiter services also to take the course. As well they are up to going to another course themselves, if an opportunity like this ever opens up again.

The training process of EuroSkills 2012 waiter competitors has begun


EuroSkills - European vocational competitions for the young - in 2012 will take place in the beginning of October�in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. To Team Estonia also belongs a waiter competitor, whose expert (trainer) and also a judge has been chosen Allan Vainu, Teie Kelner OU manager.

The competitor's selection procedure has slightly been changed. When the winner of Young Waiter 2009 got the automatic chance to attend the EuroSkills 2010, then this time there will be a semifinal between the first and second place winners of Young Waiter 2011. For the place in Team Estonia will compete Merlyn Kallaste from Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre and Evelin Ütt-Ütti from Kuressaare Regional Training Centre.

The semifinal will be in English and competition modules are similar to last years' EuroSkills restaurant service competitions. The competitiors must pass traditional table setting and service modules, which are combined with special techiques of restaurant service like flambé, silver service, gueridon service. Service of drinks consists of coctail preparation, decanting, service of different wines and sparkiling wine etc.

The training process of both waiters for the semifinal in the end of April has already begun. Allan Vainu says that the rivalry between the two candidates is neccessary and positive because it keeps their motivation and raises level - thereby best of the best will go to Belgium. In addition to training with their own teachers in schools, there are individual training sessions with Tiiu Parm, Kairi Normak and other restaurant service specialists whose know-how about international competitions is of great value.

May the best win!

Still focusing on service quality

Last year we started with our in-house quality program which will continue this season also. We consider it important that our waiters offer the best service possible and thereby would stand out. "A waiter can't be like a robot, whose everyday work is like a routine operation. At his/her personality and actions there must be that something special, that makes guests feel positive and notice their waiter", says our ambassador of quality, Tiiu Parm.

We have set up a classroom, which ables us to carry out neccessary training sessions. We give basic knowledge to new waiters and refresh the knowledge of already working waiters. With that we have inspired our waiters to learn more about their profession - Teie Kelner waiters make quite a large part of Kehtna Economy and Technology School's waiter study group which starts at the end of February. Their studies finish with Waiter I Vocational Qualification Exam in the beginning of summer.

Also the appearance of our waiters is very important to us - solid uniforms and proper looks are as our business card. Details make top unity and we are going after that. 

Summer season is soon to come. Meanwhile we use this quieter time to sustain and develope our service quality - the goal is to continue improving on and on.

Huge success at waiters' competitions!


Traditional Estonian waiters' competitions to titles Waiter of the Year 2011 and Young Waiter 2011 were held during FoodFair at the beginning of November. Teie Kelner's team crossed fingers for our 4 competitiors - at the working waiters category to Kairi Normaks and Tiiu Parm, at the young waiters category to Merlyn Kallaste and to our recent trainee Evelin Ütt-Ütti.

This year's competitions were extraordinary for the organizers, beacuse there were record number participants - 32. Plus the first foreign competitior from Latvia added a little international dimension to the competitions. As last year's consept of two-day competitions was successful, it was repated this year also.

First day was to test different knowledge and skills. Competition parts were theory test, identification of serving utensils, identification of wine grapes (reading of wine bottle label for young waiters), napkin folding, precision wine pouring and preparing coffee with the espresso machine. This day was intense and long because of so many competitors, but everybody did well nevertheless.

On the second day the competitors had to set a dinner table for two guests, two course menu consisted of soup and dessert. According to the competiton task, the soup was served from tureen and dessert, which was flamed pear, the competitors had to prepare and flambé in front of their guests. Also suitable drinks were to be chosen and served with the meal. Besides the techical skills, the key factor for this day was communication skills, which is really one of the most important quality of a waiter.

The judges were professionals from Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

Competition results were wonderful for Teie Kelner - all four young ladies achieved award-winning places:

Tiiu Parm - 1st place at the working waiters category, was given the title Waiter of the Year 2011. Plus best theory test, best serving utensils identifier, best table setting, best service technique, best soup service, best flambé, the most correct uniform and the best communication skills.

Kairi Normak - 3rd place at the working waiters category. Plus best napkin folder, best wine pourer and best coffee maker.

Merlyn Kallaste - 1st place at young waiters category, was given the title Young Waiter 2011. Plus best theory test, best table setting, best drinks server and the most correct uniform.

Evelin Ütt-Ütti - 2nd place at young waiters category. Plus best serving utensils idetifier, best wine bottle lable reader and best communication skills.

Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to our supporters!

More information and photos can be found at the home page of Estonian Waiters Association:

Summerseason 2011


For service sector, one of the busiest times of the year is lasting - so also for Teie Kelner.

This summer our main gole is to provide waiters and waitresses who even more meet the needs of our clients, we wish to keep the quality of waiter service at its well-known goodness. We constantly train and educate our waiters, we invest as well in old-timers�as fresmen. In June our waiters Priit Allikivi and Ken Karjane made us all happy when they passed the Waiter I Vocational Qualification Exam with excellent results.

Of course the waiters' summer is filled with lots of great events - whether it is grandiose receptions for embassies, family-centres weddings or numerous public events. Nice weather has created good contitions also for serving at outdoor caterings. Daily we work with our good partners at different restaurants and cafes in Tallinn.

We work in solid uniforms happily and friendly everywhere and hope that the other half of summer will be as positive as the first half has been.

Vocational championships for Finnish young at Kuopio


Allan Vainu, Tiiu Parm and Kairi Normak were from 3rd to 5th of May in Kuopio, where national vocational chapionships for young were held. A lot of different trades were represented at this competition and the scale was similar to EuroSkills. Our waiters of course observed the young waiters competition and this year Allan also took part of the judges work and had the chance to give his evaluation to the competitors skills.

The waiters' competition lasted for 3 days. On the first day the competitors had to follow the conseption of Finnish Sokos hotels restaurant chain Fransamanni. As a homework they had to learn the table setting and service standards of Fransamanni restaurant and on the competition site demonstrate that while serving two tables at a time. On the second day the competitiors served clients by using different service styles like silver service and gueridon service. Communication language was English and this was also separately judged. On the third day young waiters prepared different coctails.

This year a new competition module was introduced in Finland - wine precision pouring, which was taken over from Estonian waiters' competiton.

All competitors were at very good level and well prepared, best of the best from different Finnish regions and came to win. Competition itself was exciting and well organized. Of course we got lots of good ideas from Finland that can be used at our next competitions.

We hope that with this visit we have made one step closer to good and friendly cooperation between Estonian and Finnish restaurant service trade people.

Young waiters' competitons at Kuressaare


Annual competitions "Youthful Spring 2011"�for cooks and waiters from vocational schools took place on 14-15th of April. This year's organizers were Kuressaare Regional Training Centre and Foundation Innove.

Competitions lasted for two days and there were 19 teams competing. This year, every team included two waiters and two cooks. Waiters had to work as a team with each other and also with cooks and in the end the individual points were summed up.

Waiters were put to the test at napkin folding, opening and serving of sparkling wine and making smoothies. The last task for the waiters was to set a fourchette table and serve finger food and drinks for their guests from that table. This competition module was teamwork for the waiters.

The first two award winning teams came from Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre, first place winners were Anna Rostovtšikova and Merlyn Kallaste, who is also working at Teie Kelner and has achieved II place at the Young Waiter competition year 2010. Third place winners at Kuressaare were from Võru Vocational Education Centre.

At the judges work contributed amongst others Allan Vainu and Tiiu Parm and as an assistant Kairi Normak.

It was an intense competition. Competitors were very dedicated and well prepared, which was best seen at the setting of fourchette tables - really beautiful and creative solutions from young waiters.


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