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satisfaction guarantee

Teie Kelner OÜ values the customers the most. To establish and fulfil all the needs and wishes of the customers, we will organise individual consultations and we are also very flexible and reliable. We have a lot of experience and the know-how to handle large orders; we take challenges positively and give you a unique satisfaction guarantee.

As we value loyal customers, one of our main principles is to protect your confidential information. We respect good manners and ethical values and our service is based on trilateral trust – between the leasing company, customer and waiter.

We offer you only such waiters who are fully suitable for the event at hand. The main aim is that the waiters would enjoy their work and thereby our customer’s customer would also be satisfied – that way there will only be winners. From here on we can offer professional high-quality waiters, who you have approved. If you wish, you can use the same waiters who have worked for you before.